1992 London Merchants Tourney Champs












Updated through 2004 fields

Barn Yard Field: (Built in 1995) - Favorite personalities include:  '70's Station wagon "The Vista Cruiser" beyond the center field wall (115ft from home plate), Old Style 3 story barn cylo in left center field (92ft from home plate), 6ft high wire walls that bend when trying to rob homeruns, and being the only lighted field from 3 different directions.  Also this field is  home of the homemade "BW" wooden scoreboard.

Barn Yard Field: (2001) Side View and dimensions: LF- 84 CF-91 RF- 84 Dead Center -90 Silo- 70

Wessel Field: (Built in 1999) -  Field is has standard sponsors, banners, logos, and orange snow fence going around from left to right.  This field does have the longest Center Field 100ft from home plate.  Also this field posses the classic tall white foul poles to complete the field.








Bunker Hill:  (2001) This field is know for its inclining hill in right field and well trimmed diamond shaped basepaths. Dimensions: LF-90 Cf-105 RF- 88

National Road (RT.40) Field: (2001) Route 40 field is the biggest and widest of the 6 ball parks on the Wessel farm.  Also has a small blue kiddie pole in dead center field which if hit into results in a automatic grand slam!  Dimensions: LF- 78 CF-115 RF-78

KFC Park: Built in (2000) Known for giving up tons of Home Runs and its cool KFC signs that are apart of the fence.  Dimensions: LF- 85 CF- 92 RF- 85

Pond Field: (2001)  The smallest field in width but makes up with great shaded areas and nice relaxing backdrop.  If someone hits one in the pond it will result in a grand slam.  The pond is 120 feet away from home plate.  Dimensions:  LF-97 CF- 83 RF- 97

Wood Pile Field: (2002)  The most hitters friendly ballpark.  The LF line is short around 70ft ie...the silo.  The barn being the huge left center field wall makes it tough to hit HRs but a great place for double opportunites.  CF is 95ft away.  The wood pile is in right center field and is only 80 ft away "look for the blue tarp in the this pic." Also the RF foul pole is a small tree which is in play and is 85ft down the line.

Grannys Oven Field: (2002)  This field has the luxury of shade behind the plate.  One big ground rule gimmick is if a player would hit the LF or RF doughnut sign it results in an automatic TRIPLE...  This field 90ft down the lines and 95ft to center.


In 2003 there were 2 new fields.  A newly remodled Wessel Field an all white plastic fence with a wood paneled center field wall.


Pepsi Field:  (2003) 

Which had tons of personality.  With the LF tree foul pole and the garage baby monster in Left Center field.

Smurf Field (2004)

This Field has the new BLUE mesh fencing.


Corn Field (2004)

This field had the great scenery drop just as in the movie "Field of Dreams".   Home Run wall is over the corn stalks.

2005 Field Layout and Map