1992 London Merchants Tourney Champs












2006 NL Divisions

(First game on Saturday for each team is to the right of the team captain)

Please be 30 Minutes before your first game.  To complete the registration process and fill out all team and player forms. 



        NL East                                                        NL Central

Phillies - Chad Wheeler (9:10am)                     Cubs - Ken Baker (8:35am)

Rockies - Josh Pihiblad (9:10am)                     Red Devils - Bruce Dye (8:35am)

Bombers - Joachim LaValley (9:10am)            Giants - Nate Slanker (8:35am)

Senators - Mike Harris (8:00am)                     Manatees - Greg S. 2nd team (8:35am)              

Drive - Miles Nixon (8:00am)                           Red Barons - Cory Conn (9:10am)


       NL West                                            NL Northwest

Diamondbacks - Tim Rogers (8:00am)                Reds - Bryce Wessel (10:20am)

Colonels - Chuck Maxwell (8:00am)                   Padres - TBA (9:45am)

Pirates - Don Raines (8:00am)                             Jaxx - Scott Caudill (8:00am)

Mustangs - Sean Yoakman (8:00am)                  Bears - Doc Hare (9:45am)

Skysox - Bryan Hidgon  (9:10am)                       Astros - Bryan Howard (8:00am)


        NL Southwest                                                       NL Northeast

Mudhens - Eric Anderson (8:35am)                     Biscuits - Eric Yoder (8:35am)

Thunder - Kyle Baugh (8:00am)                           Colt 45's - Ryan O'neil (8:35am)

Expos - Rich Carrasco (8:35am)                         Dodgers - Dusty Snyder (10:20am)   

Cardinals - Dustin Sanders (8:00am)                   Mets - Jeremy Florea (8:35am)

Isotopes - Adam Smith (9:10am)                        Mavericks - Mike Teeters (8:35am)


        NL Southeast                                                           NL North

Guns Out - Alan Ledford (10:20am)                     Sidewinders - Tyler Mathias (8:35am)

Nationals - Drew Alejandro (10:55am)                Spikes - Matt Humphrey (8:35am)

Cyclones - Mike Fisher  (8:35am)                       Braves - Tyler Estep (9:10am)

Cannons - Josh Baker (8:35am)                          Knights - Paul Rinehart (8:00am)

Express - Dennis Lyons (9:10am)                        Paints - Aaron Ragland (8:00am)