1992 London Merchants Tourney Champs













Wiffleball Tournament MLB Teams and Captains As of Aug. 1st   


AL East


NL East

Baltimore Orioles        (1-3) Josh Peters


Philadelphia Phillies        (7-3) Chad Wheeler

Boston Red Sox        (8-2) Pat Griffin


Florida Marlins             (0-4) Tom Morabito

New York Yankees     (6-3) Ted Gaston


New York Mets           (1-5) Dave Willmer

Toronto Blue Jays     (0-4) Tom Woodbury


Montreal Expos       (4-3) Chris Farrow

Tampa Bay Devil Rays -


Atlanta Braves       




AL Central


NL Central

Chicago White Sox    (3-4) Eric Wilburn


Chicago Cubs       (7-3) Ken Baker

Cleveland Indians       (0-4) Matt Bragg


Cincinnati Reds     (5-3)  Pete Mosier

Detroit Tigers          (10-2) Justin Collins


Houston Astros        (1-3)  Ben McCoy

Kansas City Royals -


St. Louis Cardinals    (1-3)  Mike Miller

Minnesota Twins      (3-4) Corey Conn  


Pittsburgh Pirates   








AL West


NL West

Anaheim Angels       (3-3) Toby Sidorski


Arizona Diamondbacks * CHAMPS* (10-0) Tim Rogers

Oakland A's         (0-4) Kyle Neighbors


San Francisco Giants (2-4) Brandon Garrison

Seattle Mariners        (2-4) Josh Springer


Los Angeles Dodgers   (3-4)  Jim Tirey

Texas Rangers       (4-4) Shawn Stires


San Diego Padres - (1-3)  Dusty Snyder  

Milwaukee Brewers  


Colorado Rockies     

* All Team names are NOT final.  The AL & NL division deadline will be made on August 1st. *

"15 and Under" Tournament Teams for Sunday the 5th

Overall Records for the '01 Tourney

Clippers Sam Cosgrove (0-5)

Darrin Sanders (2-4)

Toledo Mud Hens Toby Sidorski (5-2)

 Red Barons Corey Conn * CHAMPS * (5-2)