1992 London Merchants Tourney Champs












2006 AL Divisions 

(First game on Saturday for each team is to the right of the team captain)

Please be 30 Minutes before your first game.  To complete the registration process and fill out all team and player forms.  


       AL East                                                               AL Central                          

Brewers - Greg Schindler (8:00am)                            Tigers -Justin Collins (8:00am)

Devils Rays - Shannon Lewis (8:00am)                      Blaze - Rob Burns (8:00am)

Bats - Rob Scholl (8:35am)                                       Mariners - Josh Springer (8:35am)

Ironbirds - Don Smith (8:00am)                                 Sluggers - Vincent Brown (8:35am)

Greenjackets - Jason Cooper (8:00am)                      Indians - Steve Winans (8:35am)


        AL West                                                               AL Northwest

A's - Kyle O'neil (10:20am)                                        Dragons - Brian Blinn (8:35am)

Blue Rocks - Johnathan Ayers (8:00am)                    Angels - Toby Sidorski (8:35am)

Legends - Chad Bennett (10:20am)                          Orioles - Josh Peters (10:20am)

Swingers -Robby Clark-Stokes (9:10am)                  Royals - Dan Doggett (9:45am)

Curve - Mark Bernthold (8:00am)                            Drillers - Dalton South (9:10am)


       AL Southwest                                                        AL Northeast

Fishercats - Ryan Browning (8:00am)                        Wizards - Kyle Gordon (10:20am)

Avalanche - Joel Armbruster (8:35am)                       Rangers - Ted Gaston (9:45am)

Suns - Jeremy LaValley (8:00am)                             Whitesox - Jeremy Porter (9:10am)

Clippers - Nick Bloomfield (8:35am)                         Bowhunters - Chris Mallon (8:00am)

Smokies - Jay Hedrick  (9:10am)                               Dirtybirds - Josh Kuhn (8:00am)


        AL Southeast                                                AL North

Aeros - Jimmy Stern  (10:20am)                                Wild Things - Darrin Sanders (8:00am)

Yankees - Rick Parker (11:30am)                            Grasshoppers - Pool Team (9:10am)

Spiders - Larry Wilson (9:10am)                             Power - Tyler Abrams (8:00am)

Bluejays - Mark Sulek (9:10am)                               Aquasox - Zach Jester (9:45am)

Prodigies - David Schrock (10:20am)                         Twins - RJ Rogers (9:45am)