2015 KFC HR Derby Contest Format:

When:  This Contest will take place during the break during the round robin games.

Where:  This Contest will take place on HR DERBY Field by the Registration tent.

Why:  Players with the most HR's win the exclusive right to be in the KFC POWER CLUB.  These contest winners will receive an Award and a T-shirt. Tale of the Tape Winners will also win an exclusive award.

WHO:  All Players will get a chance to enter the both the HR Derby and Tale of the Tape Contest for only $5.  Players can choose to enter more than one time.  Each player will receive 10 OUTS, Homeruns are the only balls that do NOT count as OUTS.  Foul balls and missed ball swings also count as outs.  (More examples will be on handout on the day of the event)

Tale of the Tape Contest:  Top players in both the Adult and Youth division who hits the longest Homerun during their HR Derby At-bats. 


Both Adult and Youth divisions will be Awarded with its own HR Derby Champion and Tale of the Tape Champion. 

So please don't forget to sign up for this FUN Contest  as these events help fundraise for the London Lady's Soccer team!